BrainCandy for Ableton Live

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BrainCandy lets you create live visuals and music videos without leaving Ableton Live or studying video production. Drag in videos, GIFs, and images -- or turn on any connected camera -- and apply BrainCandy's suite of audio-reactive visual effects to quickly make HD visuals that go with your music.


  • large suite of visual effects that range from the mild to the extreme, for every mood and vibe, all customizable and designed to interact with each other so you can get a unique look for your track
  • trigger videos automatically based on your music or use MIDI/automation to move through your playlist
  • load in up to 128 mp4/mov files, as well as GIFs and images, or process your camera feed
  • 720p recording and exporting at up to 30fps
  • Live VJ mode runs at up to 60fps and any resolution your computer can handle

Who's it for?

  • anyone who wants to make music videos inside Ableton without learning software like Adobe
  • anyone who wants to create live visuals for shows
  • anyone looking to create quick promo material for social media to get more eyes on your music
  • people who like looking at colorful things

Software Requirements:
Ableton Live
Max for Live 8.3 or greater

Recommended Hardware:
BrainCandy is like running a game inside Ableton, so a strong GPU is recommended.
For PCs, a mid-level or higher GPU for gaming is ideal. BrainCandy loves the 20 and 30 NVIDIA series GPUs.
For Macs, 2018 and later but anything with the M1 chip will get the best frame rate.

Video Tutorials and Demos:

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BrainCandy, a Max for Live device


BrainCandy for Ableton Live

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